Staging a Home without Losing Your Mind

Posted by Dan Wolf on Monday, June 15th, 2015 at 7:55am.

Keeping a clean house can be challenging for the best of us. Keeping it clean while staging a home and trying to sell? That can give anyone a headache, especially when you throw kids and pets into the mix. Some planning and preparation will go a long way in keeping stress at bay.     

    The dreaded list: It sounds cliché, but give a list a try. When the showing time is not the most convenient and you have a dozen other things on your mind, a well-organized list will save you the “What do I do next?” panic. Make your own or print out a pre-made checklist.

   Think creatively about space: Instead of leaving mail out, clear a spot in a drawer. If toys seem to make their way to common areas, establish a place there they can be quickly put away, such as a storage ottoman or baskets in a cabinet.

   Sort it later: This may be counterintuitive to keeping a well-organized house, but when potential buyers are on their way and you have little time, grab the toys and the dirty laundry, and find a place to stuff it until later. The car or the washing machine can really come in handy for this.

    Clean smart: Keep versatile cleaning supplies suitable for a variety of surfaces on hand so you’re not stuck trying to find a specific cleaner when time is tight. When you find a sudden stubborn smudge or handprint, Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser can be a lifesaver.

    Make a pet plan: Know where your pet will be during showings. If you have pets that need to stay in a designated room, post a sign politely asking that they not be let out. Post a sign on outside doors as well if you have a pet likely to bolt.

    Make a pet fur plan: Potential buyers may not be buying your couch, but they probably won’t be impressed with a pile of fur on it. Invest in a fur brush, handheld vacuum or a few lint-rollers for a quick fix.

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