Staging your Home for Winter Sales

Posted by Dan Wolf on Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 at 8:08am.

Selling your Anchorage property in the winter means less competition from homes that have been pulled from the market due to the cold. You also take advantage of potential buyers who are returning home for holiday celebrations or reunions. But you need to stage your home differently for cold weather by emphasizing its warm and comfortable environment.









First, make sure your interiors feel physically comfortable. Seal any cracks that let in cold drafts and weatherstrip around doors, windows, and vents. Clean or replace your furnace filter so your heating system can efficiently warm your rooms.

Bare spaces and smooth materials visually cool down a space. Make your rooms look warmer by adding patterns, layers, and rough materials. Lay down rugs on top of wood, tile, or carpeted floors. Put furry furniture throws on upholstered pieces. Add patterned tablecloths, bed linens, towels, and window coverings. Piles of pillows on your sofas and beds will make visitors feel that they can wrap themselves in soft warm fabric. Replace metal, ceramic, and glass accessories with those made of textured wood and concrete.

Unlit homes on the long nights can seem gloomy and foreboding. Add lamps and lighting fixtures to brighten dark spaces. Keep a fire going when potential buyers visit to increase both physical and visual warmth. Candles on the table, and bathroom and kitchen corners will also add a pleasing and romantic glow.

If you want more information about staging your home in the winter or want to sell your property, please contact us.

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