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If you plan to list your home in Anchorage, Alaska, or anywhere really, you will be facing a home inspection.  Either ou can get a 'pre-market" home inspection done, or your buyer will do one after making an offer.  It’s important to pass a home inspection (home inspectors typically spot all the defects with your real estate property).  According to a recent article by RealtyToday, unexpected large repairs often complicates and lengthens the entire selling process.  Instead of feeling nervous or anxious about the home inspection, consider ways to get ahead of it; you can address problems in advance to speed up the home selling process.  An experienced Anchorage Realtor will let you know the market value of your home and give you advice on major fixes. 

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Whether you own a sprawling home in a prestigious Anchorage neighborhood or want to sell your small residence in a humbler part of town, one truth remains: it behooves you to list your home with a Realtor. Listing with a Realtor saves you, the seller, a significant amount of time and money, and typically nabs you a higher sale price. In four particular cases, it pays to have a real estate agent who intimately knows the Anchorage, Alaska real estate market.

Your home is in an up-and-coming real estate market 

Let's say you own a home in an on-the-rise neighborhood in Anchorage, like Spenard or Airport Heights. If you want to get the most money for your real estate, it's critical to work with a Realtor who knows how to price and market your

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Christmas music, inflatable Santa's, tinsel galore...you're sure to know it's the holiday season if you visit a mall in December! Just as stores and business owners add Christmas decorations to their spaces to match the general holiday cheer in the air, you as a seller can create subtle festivity in your own home to help make prospective buyers feel right at home when they walk through your front door. Staging your home for the holidays creates warmth and homeyness, especially during frosty Alaskan winters. Here are a few tips to turn your home into the perfect potential Christmas gift:


what is my Anchorage Home worth?  Sell my Alaska homeShow off your space
Showing prospective buyers that there is plenty of room to put up a Christmas tree without crowding the room is a great way to get them excited

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Staging your home for sale might sound simple: slap on a fresh coat of paint, buy a couple house plants, and make sure everything is clean, works, and smells nice. But unless you're some kind of superhero, keeping your house clean, staged, and ready to view at all times is difficult, and there are times you might get a call and need to have the house ready to view in half an hour. Here are some of our favorite quick tips for even quicker staging:


Keep the Monster Messes in the ClosetSell my Anchorage home- what is my home worth

One of the best things you can do when you need to stage your home quickly is utilize a dump space. Choose a spot, or a few spots, in your home where most prospective buyers wouldn't look, like a closet in the bedroom and a junk drawer in the kitchen - when you

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Have you ever noticed that, over time, we get accustomed to seeing a thing a certain way? For example, that crisp white dress shirt hanging in your closet may look fresh and clean, but if you held it up to a brand new white shirt, yours might appear quite dingy!

In the same way, sometimes homeowners, comfortable in their own environment, fail to recognize serious issues in their own home.  Today, we would like to suggest three home maintenance tips for the seasoned homeowner.Interior Unit-small-023-Utilities-334x500-72dpi

  1. Pay attention to the floor. Does your wooden floor squeak when you step in certain spots? Does your table wobble? While these are not necessarily signs of a problem.  More often than not, they are simply signs of natural settling that occurs over time.  A home
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If your home has been on the market for a month or more without too much interest, experts say it means your home is “stale.” A recent article by cnbc.com cites a Redfin report that three-quarters of homes on the market are stale. As a seller competing in the Anchorage Alaska real estate market, you can take steps to make sure your home sells within the first month of listing. In some cases, an experienced Anchorage Alaska Realtor could get several offers within days. A recent piece by cheatsheet.com recommends avoiding the common mistakes such as getting too involved in the sale or your home as opposed to relying on a professional Realtor or listing your home too high.      

Keep some detachment

When selling your home, it’s difficult to completely

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Everyone likes a bargain, but an Anchorage foreclosure or fixer upper can end up costing too much money and cause stress. When relocating to Anchorage, it is ideal to buy move-in ready homes that need little if any attention. Whether you are relocating to Alaska for a job or to retire, it is great to have the extra time to enjoy the great Alaskan outdoors instead of being stuck doing repairs around the house. According to an article by bankrate.com, the preference for move-in ready homes could be a result of so many people watching home design television shows. For people who are not handy, it just makes more economic sense to have a home that’s turnkey. At the same time, you can save money when your Anchorage Realtor finds you homes that just need minor

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New home sales are back to the roaring levels seen in 2008, according to a recent piece by CNN Money. When selling your Anchorage, Alaska real estate property, the key is to compete with trends in new construction as well as appeal to the typical home buyer. One of the biggest changes is the fact that the median age of a home buyer has increased from 35 in 1985 to age 39 in 2005 and now age 43. Home sellers in Anchorage, Alaska, can make a few improvements to their homes to appeal to the baby boomer home buyer in his or her 50s and 60s as well as middle-aged buyers in their 40s.

Work with the space you have

People buying new homes in Anchorage will likely find more space since builders are construction larger homes.Sell my Anchorage Home.  What is my home worth? The average square foot of an

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If you're thinking about buying a house, then you'll also probably need to be thinking about a mortgage. Houses are expensive, and the money has to come from somewhere. Unfortunately, traditional mortgages don't tend to be very flexible, and people are very often denied access. However, many people don't Sell my Anchorage Home.  What is my home worth?realize that there are numerous other options for financing a home. Here are a few.                       

High interest lender

This usually isn't the best option, but if nothing else works, a high interest lender will finance a property purchase, or just about anything else, in almost any situation. Whether you have bad credit, no job, or some other issue that makes the bank uncomfortable, a high interest lender is likely to ignore it, or not even

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While it might be easier to rent a home than to buy a home, individuals and families have an incredible opportunity to save a great deal of money when Sell my Anchorage Home.  What is my home worth?buying over renting. However, it is important to understand where the money savings can come from to make sure you take advantage of them.             

Mortgage Costs Less than Rent Usually

Although it does not always work out this way, you can almost always find homes with a lower mortgage payment compared to the going rental rate. It is crucial to have a considerable down payment for this to work optimally as avoiding private mortgage insurance is vital to saving money with home buying.

Acquisition of Valuable Equity

Renting has its benefits, but regardless of how long you rent a home, you

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