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If you own Anchorage real estate, or if you're thinking of buying some, you've already made a good decision - real estate is one of the strongest investments around! It's so different from other types of investments, which helps make it particularly profitable. However, there are several costs besides your monthly mortgage payments associated with owning property. Although it's generally still more than worth it, it's important to consider all of these expenses, both prior to purchasing the property and while you own it. Here are a few costs of maintaining a home.



If you owned your house out-right, insurance wouldn't be required, however it's extremely important and would be foolish not to have it. Any lender would require homeowners

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Dad and Son sharing a moment in the home kitchenThe National Association of Realtors published a report I read recently. The report was interesting, because it was similar to a "Readers Digest" condensed version of a number of studies by other professional academia individuals touching on the subject of home ownership.

I found the report interesting partly because the report wasn't NAR propaganda; it wasn't written to necessarily sell more homes, but from the perspective of education, family values and gaining community strength and more knitted neighborhoods.

In short, the study said there are major benefits to home ownership, besides the obvious roof over you head, the tax advantages and the historic fact that your financial net worth will probably increase over time.

The High Points were:

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