The Importance of Curb Appeal When Selling One's Home

Posted by Dan Wolf on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 at 6:27am.

Curb appeal refers to the way your home looks to outsiders upon seeing your home. This makes your homes curb appeal vital when selling your home, as the exterior is the first aspect of your home potential buyers will see when they view your home. In fact, oftentimes the first impression is the only impression you will be able to give off, as many potential buyers will drive by a home and decide whether to look at it based off its curb appeal. This makes ensuring your homes curb appeal essential in the selling process. If you are currently trying to sell your home, here are a few quick tips that can take in order to help to dramatically improve your home’s curb appeal.


Clean Up Your Yard

What comes as a surprise to many individuals is the fact that buyers will often not be able to see past a cluttered yard. This means that you could have the most pristine landscaping in your yard, but if it is cluttered with toys, bikes, tools, etc., potential buyers will likely only see the negative aspects of your homes curb appeal. Thusly, an easy and cheap way to improve the way your home looks to potential buyers is to clean it up. Furthermore, keeping your yard freshly mowed, raked, and free of weeds can go a long way in adding to its curb appeal. A freshly maintained front yard will be more likely to attract buyers than an overgrown/cluttered yard.


Add Color to Your Yard

It is likely that if you are attempting to sell your home, you will not want to put a great deal of time and money into fixing up your front yard. However, for staging purposes, adding color to your front yard can make it stand out better to potential buyers. Try adding inexpensive, brightly colored, plants and flowers to your front yard, walkway, and porch. This simple step will help to make your home seem warm and inviting to potential buyers.  


When selling your home, the first impression may be the only impression you get with potential buyers. Thusly, it is vital that your do everything you can to improve your homes curb appeal when you go to sell it. Contact us to find out about more simple steps you can take to make the front of your home look as inviting as possible to potential buyers.

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