The Importance of Maintaining Anchorage Real Estate in the Spring

Posted by Dan Wolf on Friday, June 20th, 2014 at 6:47am.

Maintaining your Anchorage real estate in the spring is crucial to maintaining the value of the home. The weather is also nicer for you to do some necessary work to the interior and exterior of the home. Here are some reasons why Anchorage real estate should be maintained in the spring: 

The Importance of Maintaining Anchorage Real Estate in the Spring

Reason #1 The weather is warmer and the temperatures are more inductive to getting on with some with some important maintenance to your Anchorage real estate. The winter will have taken its toll on every facet of your home inside and out. Spring is a perfect time to get maintenance jobs done now the weather is beginning to get warmer.

Reason #2 Alaska has a colder climate than some "lowerr 48" States. If your thinking of putting you Anchorage real estate on the market, spring is the perfect time. Buyers are now beginning to start looking for property now the warmer weather has arrived. More houses are sold at this time of year than any other. This is all the more reason to being to get those maintenance jobs done so your property is in tip top condition and ready to sell. A well maintained home will sell better than one that needs attention.

Reason #3 Spring is a good time to have the heating serviced in your Anchorage real estate. After a long hard winter your heating system will be in need of a little attention. You'll want to ensure your heating is in perfect working order before the fall, and spring is an excellent time to get in the engineer to give your appliances a service. If you have air conditioning fitted in your Anchorage real estate, this too is an excellent time to have it serviced before the weather get warmer. You won't want to be caught out on a hot day with no AC.

Reason #4 A winter of snow and ice will take its toll on the exterior paintwork on your Anchorage real estate. Painting is best done in the spring whilst the weather is warm, dry, but not too hot to work outside. Take a look around the Anchorage real estate and look for paint flaking especially on the wall that gets most of the rain and snow. If you paint in the spring you'll have more months to enjoy your property's new paint job.

Reason #5 Spring is the time to check and clear drains on your anchorage real estate. Your drains probably have filled with detritus, leaves, rubbish etc from the last fall and winter, now it is warmer spring is just the time to give the drains a good clean out. Drains left dirty on your Anchorage real estate can smell when the weather gets warmer and spring is the perfect time to get them sorted out.

Reason #6 After a long winter of rain, snow and ice can take its toll on a property and it may be a good idea to look for structural damage. One doesn't need to be a builder to see cracks in walls, loose or missing roof tiles. Spring is the perfect time to bring your property back up to scratch. Don't forget to check wooden doors, gates for warping and dry hinges.

Reason #7 It is not just the structure of your anchorage real estate that needs maintenance and attention. The grounds will need attention too and the spring is the right time to dig the flower beds and think about putting in new shrubs and flowers.Spring is the time to plant vegetables too.

Reason #8 Outside buildings, like sheds and garages will need examining. Up and over doors will benefit from a fresh application of grease. Check for tears in roofing felt on sheds etc as rain, frost and ice can cause roofing felt to harden and split.

Reason #9 Spring is an excellent time to creosote/stain wooden fences and repair broken panels before new plant growth will make the job difficult to do. Fresh creosote can also damage some plants and should be applied early whilst new plants are too small to touch the fencing.

Reason #10 Drives on anchorage real estate can suffer too after a long winter. Tarmac can crack and split due to the effects of ice and frost. Also tree roots can push up tarmac causing it form lumps and splits. The same is true of paved drives and spring is the perfect time to do maintenance before the weather begins to get hot.

Reason #11 Lastly, check the condition of trees that are close to the house or in a position to cause damage to health. Check for signs of new growth, if a tree has died over the winter months, consider having it removed as soon as possible before it rots and becomes unstable.

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