The Secret to Successfully Maintaining a Home Garden in Anchorage

Posted by Dan Wolf on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015 at 8:13am.

If you are relocating to the beautiful city of Anchorage soon, you've probably got a lot of questions about maintaining a home in a northern environment -- including how to keep your yard and garden free of pests. You're asking yourself, for instance, what kind of insect pests are typical in Anchorage and how the residents deal with them. However, it's not the bugs or even the birds that pose the biggest threat to your landscaping.                  

When the snow flies strong in the higher elevations, a creature known as the Alces alces gigas comes down from feasting on alpine meadows to dine in the Anchorage bowl. Entire gardens, shrubs, and trees sometimes disappear in a matter of hours, and the best laid plans of moose and men often do little to stop the scourge.

Many new residents watch helplessly from their windows while moose eat their yards. Don't feel bad if this happens to you -- it's a rite of passage. By spring, your outdoor space will be picked clean of all desirable plants.

So what's an Anchorage homeowner to do?

Many Anchorage residents say that yellow crime scene tape has a  discouraging effect on marauding moose, so drape it around your bushes, tie it around your trees, and use it to surround your flower beds. If it doesn't keep the moose away, it's still not useless -- there's something about crime scene tape that dissuades potential home intruders and other humans who are up to no good.

Some long-term northern gardeners swear by spraying bone meal fertilizer products on their landscaping as a way to deter moose. This probably works because it makes your yard smell like -- fertilizer, and moose don't want to eat fertilizer.

A sturdy fence will help keep moose out of your yard. If that's not on the agenda, build or buy wire cages to place around your favorite plants and hope the moose won't figure out how to get them off.

Like everything else, gardening in Anchorage is an adventure. Please feel free to contact us today at 248-9653 or visit us online at for more home and garden maintenance tips.

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