Home Selling and Showing Safety Tips When It's a Winter Wonderland

Posted by Dan Wolf on Thursday, November 20th, 2014 at 11:18am.

House hunters may joyfully tromp through the snow to look at homes in Anchorage, Alaska, but selling your home in the winter takes some extra consideration. During the spring and summer prospective home buyers may be able to appreciate your vibrant green yard and flower gardens, decks, balconies and outdoor living space. Some home selling tips that can make a difference includes paying close attention to curb appeal, staging and highlighting any features that warm the home from fireplaces to heated floors. 

In the winter, some Anchorage homes tend to feel a little claustrophobic and dark. A reputable Anchorage Realtor can help you get your home ready to sell as well as market it to prospective buyers in Anchorage and around the country. According to an article by U.S. News & World Report, home sellers often overlook the importance of good curb appeal when selling a home. In the winter months and early spring, it’s especially important to spend extra time on the yard and entryway.


Keeping the sidewalks clear

In the fall, remove any wet leaves that may remain on the driveway or sidewalk leading to the home. In the winter, remove ice and snow thoroughly. Before a snow storm, apply salt to your driveway and sidewalks. Snow blow off any snow before the de-icing application. Experts recommend using sand for added traction during a snow storm. After the snow storm, use a shovel for removing snow on walkways and a broom to remove light dustings of snow and residual sand or salt.

Add a colorful wreath to the door

If you want to invest some money in an entryway door, that can help sell your home. Another option is to paint the door a new color and place a seasonal wreath on the door. If it’s too cold to put out potted flowers or plants, consider putting out mini evergreen trees or bright red basket of snowballs with a sign reading, “you are never too old for a snowball fight.” Prospective buyers appreciate the humor and creativity.

Making your yard less intimidating

Home buyers don’t want to feel like the yard is going to take up their weekends. Make sure it's mowed during the warmer months. Avoid the "too natural" look. According to U.S. News, trees should be at least 20 feet away from the home. Remove trees that are too close to the house because they can block natural light in the home. The roots can cause damage to the foundation. If you have too few trees on your property, that’s also a problem that your home listing agency will likely point out. Experts say trees planted in the right place are good for home values. One study showed homes with trees planted between the street and sidewalk sold for about $7,000 more than comparable homes without the canopy of trees.

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