Top Five Tips for Buying Anchorage Alaska Real Estate

Posted by Dan Wolf on Friday, January 25th, 2013 at 5:36am.

Even in a down economy, prime real estate sells fast. Anyone who has shopped for their perfect homHomes in Anchorage Alaskaed missing a great opportunity. Anchorage Alaska real estate is no exception. Whether you are looking for a condo in downtown Anchorage or a stunning single-family home near a top-rated school in one of our suburbs, following these five tips will increase your chances of not missing that perfect property.

1.  Get pre-approved. Being pre-approved shows the seller you are a serious buyer and gives you more negotiating power. It can also speed up the financing approval process, allowing you to close on your home faster.

2.  Don't complicate your offer. If a seller has numerous buyers to choose from, they may pass on your offer if it just seems too complicated. Leave out unnecessary conditions and repairs that really don't affect the home value. Sellers are cautious about long, complicated offers because they anticipate a delay in the process and that you are hard to please. It is true that buyers have the upper hand in a slow real estate market. However, remember that great properties still attract a lot of interest, even in a slow market. Don't jeopardize your dream home by making too many demands, assuming the seller doesn't have any other offers.

3.  Look at listings daily. New homes are listed every day. Check the listings frequently and act quickly if there is a home that really catches your eye. Working closely with an experienced real estate agent can give you an extra set of eyes looking out for homes. 

4.  Research market trends. Do your homework about the area you are interested in. Get a feel for the price range of the homes you are considering. This is another area where having a real estate agent on your side is beneficial. He or she is very familiar with the area and can advise you regarding appropriate offers.

5.  Don't get too rushed. Although you shouldn't drag your feet if you find a property you love, beware of jumping too quickly. For most people, buying a home is the largest investment they'll make. Getting the best deal on a property you love is the priority. Take the time to look around, researching the area and making an informed decision.  Once you see a few houses, you will learn quickly what a good price and great condition look like.

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