Why Staging a Home Should Include your Closets

Posted by Dan Wolf on Monday, July 1st, 2013 at 1:02pm.

Many people are aware that staging a home a home can help it sell faster and for a higher price. When people think of staging, they typically think about removing clutter and then rearranging furniture to make the home seem larger. What they may not realize is that the same thing needs to be done in all the closets as well.

Homes with plenty of storage space are more attractive to potential buyers than ones that do not have much storage space available. This means it is very important to have people perceive that your closets have ample storage space. It’s hard to present this image if closets are crammed so full of items that they can hardly be opened without things falling out of them.

A good rule of thumb when staging closets is to try to make shelves appear as though they are half empty. Hanging rods should not be so full that the clothes hanging on them are bunched up. Instead, there should be at least ½” between each hangar if the closet is to appear spacious. Closet staging should begin with cleaning out the closet and removing any clothes or shoes that have not been worn in over a year.

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When staging hanging items, make sure all the hangars are facing in the same direction. Place similar items together and put them on the proper hangar for that type of garment. Within the different sections, organize clothing items by color. Button all the buttons on suit jackets, coats and blouses, and zip outwear all the way up to the top.

 A well-staged closet will also appear to be organized. Consider adding a shoe rack or buying clear storage containers for them so that footwear can be neatly organized. Storage boxes with lids on them neatly stacked on a closet shelf will also provide an organized appearance.

It’s best to keep items off the closet floor. Avoid hanging things on the back of the door whenever possible, as doing so could make the door difficult to open and close. Try to leave one or two empty shelves or an empty section of shelving, as this makes it seem as though there is actually more storage space inside the closet than what is needed.

Similar staging efforts should be taken in all storage areas of the home including the kitchen cabinets, bathroom and utility room. By making every room appear to have ample storage, you just might find your home being considered first by prospective buyers rather than being passed over.

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