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If your Anchorage, Alaskan home is 5 to 20 years old, it may be slightly outdated. Unfortunately, what’s trendy when you buy your home isn’t typically in style when it comes to home selling. Although you can’t change whether or not your home has a mountain view, you can make some minor updates that are fairly inexpensive. According to a home improvement article by HGTV, it pays to upgrade when selling your home.

Remodeling the bathroom
Many homes in the Anchorage, Alaska and surrounding area have bathrooms with mirrors with no frame, gold-trimmed shower doors and gold lighting fixtures. As a rule, anything with gold trim looks outdated. Although glass block was popular in bathrooms, it’s now a telltale sign of a bathroom that needs a contemporary

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If you have recently applied for a mortgage, and suffered from sticker shock after yougot your quote, you're not alone. For the average homebuyer, knowing every detail about what drives up mortgage costs isn't necessary when applying, but it helps to know some. Because knowing what additional factors are driving up your costs, and how to curb them, can means thousands of dollars of savings placed securely back in your wallet. Here are just 3:

Credit Score
While many brokers and lenders don't rely solely on a credit scores when deciding mortgage amounts, there is a number threshold that dictates: 740. The fine print often doesn't tell you that anything below 740 can increase interest. This plays a factor after mortgage rates are calculated.


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Searching for a home is part of the Home buying process, but a seller doesn't own every home for sale.  Some homes are in foreclosure, others are pending in court while the rest are real estate owned.  REO, or real estate owned, is property that lenders, banks or credit unions own thanks to the previous owner defaulting.  Like sellers, the goal of selling this property is to make profit.  Unlike traditional housing markets, the seller has total control.  You must play by their rules to score the chosen home.

Some steps remain the same.  Title searches, home inspections and appraisals are still expected of these homes.  Title searches determine if the seller owns the property fully without outstanding payments, court proceedings or other issues.  Home

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Whether Interest Rates go up or not within the next year, the fear of double-digit rates is propelling a seller's housing market in Anchorage, Alaska and around the country. Buyers who have been sitting on the fence may want to buy to lock in the historically-low rates.

According to a recent article by The Mortgage Reports, mortgage rates are still half the 30-year historical average of 8.375 percent. Many people who are 50 or older may remember double-digit mortgage rates in the '80s that kept many people stuck in their home for fear of losing their more reasonable Interest Rates.
•    Buying a forever home

Buyers are under more pressure now to choose a home they can remain in for the long term.

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 Sales of luxury homes are booming throughout the United States as the upper-end homes were often the first to partake in the housing market recovery. In Anchorage, Alaska, luxury homebuyers can find amazing homes for about $1 million. For $2 million or more, the luxury homes for sale in Anchorage Alaska are beyond stunning. According to a recent real estate article by Zillow, luxury homes today are works of art. What defines a luxury home isn’t just the price tag, but the attention to details.

•    Telling a story

According to real estate experts, luxury homes for sale in Anchorage Alaska tell a story. Whether it’s imported construction material, a stainless steel staircase featured in a magazine or a home designed by a famous architect, luxury

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After finding a property on different Anchorage home search sites, a lot of prospective buyers do a "drive by." If they don't like what they see, they may not call a Realtor to set up an appointment to walk through your home. Curb Appeal can improve the odds of attracting house hunters so they don't just drive off.

•    Straighten and Clean the mailbox

A lot of people neglect their mailboxes even though it's a part of the Curb Appeal. If your mailbox is broken or damaged, it should be replaced. Otherwise, a quick spray of cleaning detergent can often remove mildew stains. Most mail carriers do not appreciate plants that attract bees near the mailbox so it's better to plant along the sidewalk. During the holidays, tie a red ribbon around the mailbox

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Anchorage Economic Developement Corporation released their mid-year economic forcast last week, and it's positive news for the most part.

Anchorage’s economy continues on a trajectory of slow to moderate economic growth.  Mid-year indicators for 2014 point toward an additional 1,100 new private sector jobs by the end of the year.

 Anchorage's population is estimated at 301,000 residents in 2013, 0.9 pecent increase over the previous year.  It is projected that Anchorage’s population will continue to grow at a slow but steady pace of about 1 percent a year (roughly 3,000 new residents annually), again driven mainly by natural increase rather than in-migration, but also supported by growth in the job base.

Read the report by clicking here

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If you're looking to purchase Alaska land for sale as an investment or as your dream home, it is important to know when is the best time to buy. Before you rush off to buy a beautiful, treasured piece of untamed land, here are some tips about the best time to purchase Alaska land for sale:

The Best Time to Purchase Alaska Land for SaleAlaska Land for Sale: The Best Time to Purchase Alaska Land

#1: During Off Season or Off Market

If you have ready cash, then you should consider purchasing land during slower market times or off-peak season. Housing markets including Alaska land for sale have always experienced peaks and troughs. If you can wait for a dip in the market, you are guaranteed to secure a bargain.

#2: Low Interest Rates

Another interesting effect of a down housing market is, usually

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Anchorage is one of the best places in the world to enjoy outdoors sports adventures of all exciting types. Whether you are an experienced back packer or a first time hiker, there is an amazing variety of adventures for you. You can be surrounded by stunning scenery and the tallest mountain in North America, Mount McKinley or Denali, which is over 20,000 feet high. You may also be able to view the spectacular phenomenon of the 'Northern Lights'.

Alaska white water river rafting

These river rafting trips north and south of Anchorage are within special locations within "National Scenic Byways" and are geared for all ages and physical abilities to enjoy. The trip can last for half a day, or you can choose one that will go on for several days

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Are you paying too much for your mortgage? When you are evaluating the prices of a new mortgage, are you comparing costs? How do you know if one is better than the other? 

Monthly Fees 3

When you are shopping for a new mortgage, as a consumer, you should be aware and wary of higher-priced loans when you are comparing costs, rates, and fees. It is very important to be conscious of this during the shopping phase because lenders tend to quote extremely competitive rates in order to get the most money and capture the optimum market share (which benefits only them).

One lender's fees and corresponding rates may seem enticing, but beware of a hidden factor: lower fees and rates might actually come with a higher-priced loan due in part to the annual percentage rate

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